Riding Solo

So my husband left me.

Well, not really. Just for the week. Off to Taiwan. I’m insanely jealous… because I haven’t been there before. I’ve spent the last week plotting my own solo trip. Dreaming. Clearly. He went for work, not for fun, but it sounds like a junket. Dining, wining. Not sure he’s working… and here I am, going solo and cursing him for the 10 hour sleeps he gets, uninterrupted.

I thought i’d venture down the coast, just me and my little man. I can’t claim it was completely solo… I did visit my brother. Cousin time for the boys. I had no idea how much stuff I needed to pack. Another thing no one can tell you… how much stuff you need for babies. It’s a lot. But you probably already knew that. The travel was fine- it was only about an hour and a half each way, and thankfully, my little man slept the whole way- both times. Blessed!


The weather was disappointing, the company great. Lots of chilling and walking, which was nice. He’s still being bit fussy but slept pretty well, so I really can’t complain. I loved seeing my brother dip my son into the ocean for the first time (and the subsequent screeching). I loved watching my nephew shower my son in constant open, wet kisses. I loved seeing my brother ‘dadding’ it. That was nice. Three years ago we were canoeing the Clyde River together, and today we sat there, three children between us. So much can change. So much has changed. It was nice to have the help while I was away- just another pair of hands to hold him, console him. My second-hand Mountain Buggy Pram did the trick (though my little man wasn’t too keen on the off-roading experiences…) and he really wasn’t any trouble at all (unlike previous trips) so the experience of traveling alone with him was actually quite delightful.



I was also somewhat rebuked by my sister-in-law, which wasn’t her intention in the slightest, but was how I chose to respond to her ‘togetherness.’ She just gets so much done. And she has a 6 week old baby, and a two year old. And a husband. But she gets stuff done. Like baking and cooking. They had so much prepared for me. I was embarrassed. I’ve hardly been able to shower for 4 months… how could she be so… prepared? So energised? She was even sewing curtains at some stage! Meanwhile I’m slumped on the lounge watching tennis with my brother and complaining how frustrating it is that babies can’t entertain themselves. And she’s looking after one, while sewing. I seriously need to get my shit together. I need to do more. Be more organised. Walk more. Cook more. Clean more. Sew. I should learn to sew.

Anyway, I’ve been inspired. I relaxed and have come home inspired. I’m off to cook dinner!

(It’s chicken nuggets. Don’t judge me. I’m still single mumming it…)


Ps. Some information on Culburra Beach (which is where I ventured to, in case you were wondering.) My brother is proud to tell anyone who’ll listen that little Culburra was designed by the same man who designed Canberra (and you can tell.. the place is about as interesting as well 😉 although there is no evidence of this purported ‘fact.) It’s a beach town that resembles an old persons village in the off-season and becomes crazy busy in Summer, like many South Coast towns. It’s home to many surf legends (none of them who i’ve heard of- much to my brother’s disgust) and is nestled between the beach, great waves apparently, and Lake Wollumboola and National Park. It’s really quite beautiful. It’s about 18km east of Nowra and has a a club, main strip of shops and a super cool band called 6 Pack Radio (shameless plug). If you love the surf, flat surfaces which are awesome for cruising around on your bike, and a beach town hustle- then take a visit to Culburra Beach. Very laid back, mostly quiet and some pretty awesome residents.

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